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At GioiaVia Calcio, we believe soccer ball prices have gotten absolutely ridiculous. You either pay an absurd amount of money for something that can be skied into the woods at any miss kick. Or you leave the store with a total rock or balloon that you can barely use. So we got to work...


We designed a ball with the softest, most durable upper material we could find and added one of the most impressively responsive bladders we've ever experienced to match. Giving you the purest playing experience available for under $50.00!  It is just something you have to experience for yourself.


Here at GioiaVia, we try to play everyday. Whether it be in a 11v11 match, street-court pick-up, or just freestyling while blasting music. And this ball has stood up to it all. We have tested it in the pouring rain, on hot turf, in the freezing cold, on rough pavement, and if you can believe it...even in the house! We believe we created the perfect companion ball to take with you to play where ever you want. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It is not a balloon, it is definitely not a rock, it's a Cloud!

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